Breaking the Crisis Cycle

Chief Executive Officer

Regional Solar Energy Company

"After a rollercoaster year, we realised the broader management team had become dysfunctional. We asked 3Peak to help us fix the situation. What can I say? It worked! Their unique blend of methods, ranging from psychology and organisational design to awareness building through meditation, really came together as a whole. Everybody in our leadership team felt elated and positive - cohesion has been restored."

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Make Chaos
Your Ally

To get where you want to go, leadership is needed to move people and resources from point A to point B. Leadership helps us manage ourselves, adapt to the situation, and pick the right strategy for the right moment. 3Peak Coaching & Solutions develops leaders who are in symbiosis with people and planet. Who choose to embrace honesty, health, and creativity. When we embrace leadership, change fuels our creativity.

However change can also feel like challenge. Crisis in business is a crisis of leadership. Crisis exposes the chaos already multiplying within the system. Reactionary decisions made from fear of survival sow the seeds for the next crisis. 3Peak Coaching & Solutions breaks the crisis cycle. Liberated from the survival instinct, leaders are empowered to have choice – real choice – to make decisions for the long-term health of their organization. We leverage change during crisis to set your organization on the right course.

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Head of Investments

Venture Capital, €100M Green Energy Fund

"I've collaborated with trainers and coaches for a decade, and 3Peak stands out as a true leader. Before working with 3Peak, my team and I faced stress, struggle, and overwhelm. Their approach helped reveal internal conflicts, reduce emotional stress, and access inner wisdom, resulting in increased clarity and potency in leadership."

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Strong Leadership
Strong Business

Whether with the Board, within the C-Suite, or amongst employees, dysfunction drags progress to a halt. 3Peak Coaching & Solutions puts "messy" human dynamics back in their right order, so you can focus on growing your business. By addressing organizational “hot spots” where conflict lurks, we make space for order, direction and harmony to become the driving factors of your business. When the core is strong, any external threat is more confidently faced.










Vice President Innovation, North America

Global Food & Beverage, $4B Annual Revenue

"I had a difficult, business critical team situation to resolve. I was very impressed how quickly 3Peak diagnosed the situation, developing a profound understanding of a complex problem and decoding it into areas that were actionable. It created tremendous clarity for me and made a very complex issue actionable. I refer to your diagnostic again and again."

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Awaken Your Inner Leader


Solving Your Problems: The F.H.S. Method

Throughout the business cycle, the consequences of accumulating issues and suppressed conflict manifest into crisis. Crisis is seen as a turbulent period of uncertainty and anxiety. Instead of making necessary change, businesses allow this fear to compromise their survival. Through our workshops, we help your leadership team mindfully regulate emotional distress, break behavioral patterns perpetuating paralysis, and face the emotions that bias decision making.

Develop Your People: The Master Leadership Model

A business that only weathers external shocks without changing from within is doomed to repeat the cycle. Adaptation matches the pace of change, facing everything on the inside and out with courage and flexibility. This makes business growth and sustainability mutually achievable. Through our workshops, we help your leadership team return to a normal, post-crisis operating cadence, embed change-ready leadership competencies, and get back to accomplishing your goals.

Chief Innovation Officer

Energy Company, €8B Annual Revenue

"I have experienced many leadership trainings in my career but never one like 3Peak."

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Meet the Founders

Co-Founder Headshot Photo

Mino Vlachos

Managing Director
Business & Operations

Mino began his career working on Wall Street at Merrill Lynch. Disillusioned with their constant gambling, he transitioned to management consultant with Ernst & Young in an attempt to fix broken businesses. While working in Mergers & Acquisitions, he saw billions of dollars wasted when cultures clashed and leaders failed. Going to the root of the problem, Mino became an executive coach at a global leadership advisory firm operated by Accenture.

At Accenture, Mino was recognized as a top coach and given global responsibility for developing and implementing new C-Suite services. However, when Mino realized that traditional leadership advisors were uninterested in producing real change, he left to co-found 3Peak Coaching & Solutions.

3Peak and its innovative Functional Human-Systems Method© is the solution Mino has been waiting for since his days on Wall Street: a platform to create orderly, sustainable, harmonious business. In addition, Mino has founded The Adapting Leader, which provides free leadership education to all through online media. He has worked with hundreds of leaders across the Fortune 100 and FTSE 100 to achieve their commercial objectives, create the right culture, and drive individual behavior change. Along the way, he has also lectured on leadership at Columbia University & New York University
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Krisana Locke

Managing Director
Transformation & Process Design

Krisana began her career as a psychologist, where she grew unsatisfied with the field’s conceptual divisions. A true global-citizen, she left Australia to study different therapeutic modalities. After numerous trainings and work experiences, she recognized the limits of the “Western” approach and moved to India to learn the science of Meditation practice and integrate its use in therapy and healing. She held a variety of leadership roles in the Meditation & Therapy Center in India.

Since then, Krisana has lived in 9 countries and shared her multidisciplinary therapy approach with thousands. In the process, she founded holistic health and mindfulness centers in Istanbul, Santiago, New York and Berlin. With her vast depth of experience, Krisana is one of the top therapists, meditation teachers and workshop facilitators in the world.

Krisana co-founded 3Peak Coaching & Solutions to bring leadership and wellness into the corporate world. 3Peak and its innovative Functional Human-Systems Method© allow Krisana to share her wealth of therapeutic knowledge with business. In addition, Krisana is the co-founder of Tantric Energetics©, a platform that offers holistic life coaching, psychological education and therapeutic work. Along the way, she has lectured at several European universities on the physiological and epigenetic effects of meditation.
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Dr. Mazen R. Harb

Managing Director
Science & Innovation

Mazen began his career conducting research in Neuroscience, Physiology, Biology and Behavioral psychology at top universities and research centers across Europe, including the prestigious Max Planck Institute, Charité - Berlin and Collège de France - Paris. His research on Motivation, Learning, Brain Reward System and Stress was published in the biggest journals of neuroscience such as Nature Family.

When Mazen’s research came into conflict with stale scientific orthodoxy, he left academia to conduct research on Crisis, War and Migration Trauma with Syrian Refugees. He also began consulting professionals in the art of crisis management, leadership and healing. In the process, Mazen merged his wealth of scientific knowledge with innovative, holistic healing techniques to create practical tools to support in trauma healing.

Mazen co-founded 3Peak Coaching & Solutions to bring the science of leadership and wellness into the corporate world. 3Peak and its innovative Functional Human-Systems Method© allow Mazen to share his multi-faceted research and techniques with leaders. In addition, Mazen is the co-founder of Tantric Energetics©, a platform that offers holistic life coaching, psychological education and therapeutic work. Along the way, he has lectured at several universities, institutes and associations on the mastery of leadership skills and the science of crisis and stress.


3Peak Coaching & Solutions marks the first time our diverse backgrounds have worked in partnership in the coaching industry. By melding our distinct talents, we offer leadership workshops that unite scientific integrity, business realism and the power of transcendent experiences.

    Our services are informed by:

  • Neuroscience
  • Industrial/Organizational Psychology
  • Transpersonal Psychology
  • Healing War & Migration Trauma
  • Mergers & Acquisitions Consulting
  • Mindfulness Meditation
  • Systems & Organizational Constellation

Our Principles

Stabilize the Core

Growth cannot occur while fight/flight is activated.
We create emotional stability to allow real learning.

Reveal the Hidden

Organizational structures either promote efficiency or reinforce dysfunction.
We go beyond stories to allow the inner images of a system to emerge.

Respect the Right Order

Work relationships are rife with unconscious patterns of disrespect.
We reset attitudes and ensure proper roles and responsibilities are established and maintained.

Grow the Leaders

Leaders lack awareness of their impact on the system.
We use science-backed methods and mindfulness to change individual styles and behavior.

Harmonize the Relating

Without proper communication, each individual brings the personal into the professional.
We support intentional and healthy relating dynamics within and across teams.

Unite the Whole

Politics, power games and resource hoarding create organization schisms and war.
We serve the long-term health of the whole organization without taking sides.

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