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Mind Body Detox Workshop

November 2023 | Oldenburg, Germany

Transformative 2 & 1/2 day journey of holistic self discovery, dedicated to honouring your body and mind, designed to leave you feeling harmonized, renewed and at peace.

Key Takeaways

  1. The things we eat have a physiological and emotional impact on our bodies (e.g., caffeine activates our adrenals and cortisol (stress).
  2. There are natural rhythms and ways of organizing our days that in natural alignment with our physiological and creative processes.
  3. To have self-mastery is to understand what we put into our bodies, to understand the natural rhythms of nature, to organize our responses to stimuli by activating conscious choice.


“Thank you for this amazing workshop, I said to a friend it's like I've been collecting pieces of a puzzle for a while but couldn't see the bigger picture and you came to show me the bigger picture - the funny thing is I still can't see it in my head but I feel like I know now. You connected the dots and now I keep connecting them. So thank you!”