Functional Human-Systems

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  • We turned around a business that was losing money in 5 business days.
  • We stopped a leadership rebellion within 1-hour.
  • We pinpointed the cause of a business’ stagnation in an afternoon.

We achieve fast, easy, transformational insights through our Functional Human-Systems Method.

Designed to bring the best of experiential learning, scientific understanding, and business application to life.

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The Method

Organizations have nice org. charts on paper … but human dynamics are not neatly captured on a piece of paper.

Humans form social networks and unconscious social hierarchies based on status, skills, and power.

Intangibles like culture, secret loyalties, team dynamics, interpersonal dynamics … we know they are “there” but we struggle to “see” them. Yet they secretly run the show.

3Peak’s innovative Functional Human-Systems Method goes beyond spreadsheets and PowerPoint slides to give you a lived experience of hidden organizational dynamics.

The Functional Human-Systems Method allows the hidden dynamics of a system to appear. A human process for human harmony.

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The Fundamentals

Every project, every company, every empire follows laws of creation, growth and decay. These lifecycles follow patterns and are ruled by principles.

An effective strategy takes these principles and lifecycles to heart and adjusts to allow innovation to flourish.

The 3Peak Core Fundamentals offers a map of what strategies we employ, where they work, and where they go wrong. By locating our business on the map and pinpointing where we may be stuck, we can adopt a new strategy that offers a chance at renewal.

If you are interested in strategy or innovation, dare to peer behind the veil and see the inner workings of how humans succeed or fail

Created to explore systemic imbalances, the 3Peak Core Fundamentals show how one problem may actually require a sequence of multiple solutions implemented in the right order.

From leaders to teams to organizations, discover the hidden order that drives our lives.

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The Diagnostic

Traditional organizational diagnostics are unfocused and rarely lead to actionable insights.

The 3Peak Human-Systems Diagnostic focuses on what really matters: adapting your organization to achieve your strategy.

Our diagnostic focuses on the 3 pillars of organizational adaptation: leadership, wellness, and change.

Our diagnostic report allows you to quantify and pinpoint your strengths and hindrances. The report is action- and solutions-orientated. Allowing you to take insights and drive interventions across 40+ sub-scales.

Further, crisis hits organizations in one of these areas. If you’d like to understand why your business is floundering or where the next crisis will come from, take the 3Peak Human-Systems Diagnostic today.

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Where there are humans there is mess. But it doesn't have to be this way. Human systems do not have to be chaotic at all!

The business world has missed a critical initiation. Any approach that works with human systems and doesn't account for the "human" or the "system" is doomed to fail.

There are laws and principles that govern how humans interact in networks. We just need the courage to take a look at the mess and dare to do it a bit differently.

  • If you have a problem that you just can’t seem to figure out, how long can you afford to sit on it?
  • To try the same old, same old strategies that never produce results?
  • If you do what you’ve done, you get what you got.

It’s time to bring human systems into order. To have the courage to try.

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