The Human-Systems Diagnostic©

The 3Peak Human-Systems Diagnostic provides you a pinpointed map of strengths and hindrances within your organization.

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  • Leadership is needed to move people from A to B in a cohesive, efficient way.
  • Wellness ensures your people are physically and emotionally capable of change.
  • Change Readiness prepares the organization to stay ahead of environmental shifts.

When an organization is performing or excelling in these three attributes it has the influence to move large amount of people in a cohesive direction, facilitates the physiological stability needed for change, and embraces a constant state of reinvention.

Conversely, if one or more pillars are lacking, an organization will find itself in a state of self-induced crisis. This crisis-from-within is a wakeup call to take action and remedy broken systems. If not attended to in a timely manner, crisis turns to disaster.

The 3Peak Human-Systems Diagnostic provides you the data you need to make changes in your organization.

The test takes 15 minutes to administer for each participant and provides insights across 49 different sub-scales. The report can analyze and splice data by different hierarchical bands, geographies, functions, tenure, etc.

The 3Peak Model of Organizational Adaptability

The 3Peak model of organizational adaptability was created through:

  • Meta-analysis of 56 peer-reviewed research papers from domains such as industrial/organizational psychology, sociology, and neuroscience
  • Interviews with leaders/stakeholders from organizations such as corporate businesses, non-profits, academia, political/governance bodies
  • Empirical evidence gathered in coaching and workshop facilitation on topics related to leadership, wellness, and change

The resulting model provides a “map” of areas an organization’s leaders must nurture and develop to ensure they are ready for external disruptions.

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