The Core Fundamentals

Companies, like all living entities, follow cycles of creation-growth-decay.

A visionary spark leads to invention and growth.

Mastery leads to order and maintenance.

Projects, companies, countries… there are principles and patterns that show us where we can succeed and where we fail.

Yet often we don’t know where we are in the creative lifecycle.

Or worse, we are stuck in a strategy that keeps us from accomplishing our goals.

When we lack awareness of the creative lifecycle, we choose strategies that are ill equipped to get us the results we are looking for.

Like asking a company that needs to consolidate and incrementally improve its operations to suddenly become hyper-aggressive and hyper-competitive. It’s the wrong strategy at the wrong time.

And if we get stuck in these strategies, it leads to large dysfunctions.

Strategy & Innovation Decoded

Based on our research, at any given moment we are using 1 of 12 different strategies.

Sometimes we move between these strategies. Sometimes we get stuck on one.

Some are more passive in nature. Some more active.

Others are more change-orientated. Others are for maintenance.

But do we really know which strategies to use and when to use them to drive our company forward through innovation?

The 3Peak Core Fundamentals takes the guesswork out of the equation. Make decisions with confidence and precision. Leave trial-and-error to the amateurs.

The 3Peak Core Fundamentals was created through a holistic, technical analysis which included:

  • 32 Countries
  • 30 Companies
  • 50 Leaders

Across every case study, our framework has accurately predicted:

  • Which strategies each entity and/or person was using
  • Which strategies were actually needed in given time and space
  • How to correct for systemic imbalances in an organization

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