Teacher to Alexander, student to Socrates: Xenophon retells one of the greatest stories of leadership and war in recorded history. Through this series, we explore how ordinary men responded to crisis and found the incredible strength within to live and pass on their lessons of crisis leadership to us today.

Alexander The Great set into motion the events that would create the modern world. At the height of his military campaigns, he alone controlled 4% of the entire world. His death would eventually give rise to several empires including the Romans and Byzantines.

Alexander famously studied with Aristotle. But it was another philosopher, Xenophon, who inspired Alexander when it came to war. By studying Xenophon, Alexander conquered land stretching from Greece to India.

Xenophon was a military leader and former student of Socrates. (A fascinating mixture of warrior philosopher). He joined a mercenary group that was hired by a Persian prince, Cyrus the Younger. Xenophon’s recounting of this war in the Anabasis is equal parts shocking and tragic; equal parts fascinating and enlightening.

In this series, we retell this epic story, recounting the 10 leadership lessons that Alexander The Great studied and leveraged to create one of the greatest empires on Earth.

They are:

  1. How To Start A Civil War
  2. How To Birth A Rebellion
  3. How To Destroy Your Organization
  4. How To Lose A War
  5. How To Gain Followership
  6. How Fear Is The Biggest Conqueror
  7. How To Lead Without Leaders
  8. How Adaptation Wins Wars
  9. How Structure Keeps Men Alive
  10. How To Inspire Bravery

Taken together, they offer an amazing crash course on crisis leadership. We have updated this ancient wisdom to support you and your business the next time crisis hits.