A look at the benefits of meditation in leadership and day-to-day life.

Here at 3Peak Coaching & Solutions, we place a premium on meditation and love bringing its amazing benefits into organizations.

Meditation has many benefits – from mental clarity and focus to emotional awareness to deep relaxation and recovery. In meditation not much is need – simply to relax, be aware and to let go of judgement. From this state, beauty unfolds.

Participants who meditate have more resources to manage their stress, increase their sleep quality, improve their heart rate variability and breathing rate. Meditation is also one of the best ways to healthily psychologically detach from work after its completion.

In the workplace, meditation leads to more positive emotion, less overall distress, work satisfaction and compassion for others. Why?

When our stress system activates our pre-frontal cortex begins to shut down. We move into the fight/flight reactivity and lose our ability to respond from a neutral place. We are focused on selfish survival – which is much needed when a physical threat appears – but lose track of our fellow human beings. Right when we need to think with complexity or with creativity we default to instinctive, short-term reactions.

Meditation helps us calm down the nervous system. It changes the structure of our brain to increase our attention and improve the complexity of our thinking and creativity. We are more in the present moment yet paradoxically can make better decisions about the future. Meditation supports us to understand our emotions and make better decisions.

On average adults will say “I’m fine” about 14 times a week. Yet only 19% of people actually mean they are fine. Of those surveyed, almost 33% says they often lie about how they are feeling.

Meditation helps us first and foremost be honest to ourselves about our emotions. To be aware of and process how we are feeling. It supports with addiction recovery and allows to take action in line with our true needs.

We have found with our clients, meditation increases honesty, transparency and fairness in the workplace. All of which contribute to higher trust, engagement and health amongst employees.

Try It Out

For the next 3 days…

Take a break during lunch. Set a timer for 5 minutes. Sit comfortably in a chair and relax. Close your eyes. Allow yourself to just sit in silence for these 5 minutes, nothing to do, nowhere to be. Just 5 minutes to sink into yourself. Everything else can wait. Afterwards, check-in with yourself.

  • What do you notice physically in your body? Where are you tense and where are you relaxed?
  • What emotions are you experiencing? Are you positive or negative, activated or low-energy?
  • What is the quality of your mental state? Are your thoughts racing or slowly floating by?

After 3 days, notice, what did these check-ins reveal? How did this support you?