Humans evolved in relation to nature and still draw their strength and vitality from nature. In this short blog post, we explore some of the ways nature is good for us.

Being in nature has profound impact on our physical, emotional and mental health. Walking in nature significantly reduced our stress levels and can enhance our overall recovery. Nature walks have been shows to increase happiness and decrease anxiety.

Exposure to daily sunlight is important for Vitamin D synthesis, decreases burn-out and helps with sleep. Even our brain waves change, allowing us to increase our attention and creativity. This synchronization of our circadian rhythm with nature allows for greater processing of emotions, hormonal balance and food digestion.

When participants in a research experiment spent more time in nature, they show greater willingness to be generous, trusting and helpful towards others. Another experiment showed that time in nature increases our ethical behavior. Some companies are catching-on, increasing access to green spaces which allows employees to be happier, more energized and more productive.

If you want to be a good leader, try going outside!

Try It Out

For the next 3 days…

Get outside for at least 15 minutes. Sit on a bench, walk in a park. Observe birds, animals, insects. Sit in the sun. Go for a hike or a swim.

Check-in with yourself.

  • How did you feel before and after each interaction with nature?

After 3 days, notice, what did these check-ins reveal? How did this support you?