The Master Leadership Model

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Leaders face unprecedented levels of complexity. That complexity creates novel demands. As if life wasn’t hard enough, leadership today requires new skills. Skills that our forefathers were never challenged to learn.

As challenge increases so does the need for more support. 3Peak Coaching & Solutions partners with you to create a bridge from the “old way of doing things” to what is needed right now to thrive.

Our proprietary The Master Leadership Model give you the map and tools to upgrade your leadership today.

ML Model

The Master Leadership Model seems simple by design. But mastering leadership truly takes a lifetime.

And whereas others separate leadership, wellness, and change – treating them like an island onto themselves – 3Peak always integrates all three into every intervention.

The Self

Leadership starts within.

A true leader understands how to regulate and align their mind, body and soul. They master their instrument, learning all that it is capable of creating.

Self-leadership goes far beyond self-awareness.

Self-leadership allows each and every person to embrace their inner adaptability. They know how to think, feel and act in each moment to meet the situation fully.

Self-Leadership includes:

  • Learning to take charge of neuroplasticity to enact change
  • Regulating and leveraging emotions to enhance intuition
  • Understanding the physiology of leadership to support the body
  • Building transferable leadership skills through quality practice

Taken together, mastering the self allows leaders to flex and flow with every given challenge. To truly be the captain of their own ship.

The Situation

We don’t exist in a vacuum.

The environment is in constant motion. Dynamic, unpredictable, complex.

A true leader is in touch with these dynamic, changing rhythms. They can sense small changes and decipher their implications. They can anticipate large transformation and be at the helm of it.

Reaching out to touch the world requires us to be in touch with our senses. To take in new information, processes it without bias, and use it to move ourselves.

Situational-Leadership includes:

  • Learning to take in new information from diverse inputs
  • Allowing experimentation and risk taking to drive creativity
  • Building the fundamentals of communication and resolution
  • Keeping up with the pace and adoption of technology

When we adapt to the situation, more choice opens up to us. Through more choice we eliminate the need for crises. Rather, we become the masters of our own circumstances.

The Strategy

Become a master strategist.

Understand the environment, understand what is needed, then understand how to shift to get there.

A true leader creates strategies that embrace a dynamic read of the situation and reconfiguring the self to achieve the mission.

Without self-mastery, a leader is simply reacting to the environment on instinct. Unable to adjust their behavioral patterns.

Without situational-mastery, a leader is stuck in their ivory tower. They may know themselves but have lost touch with the real world.

To be a true strategist, one must be entirely adaptable to reach the goal. To know how to get a mass of people from point A to point B.

Strategic-Leadership includes:

  • Creating a vision and sense of direction for the self and others
  • Ensuring each person is in their proper role and executing
  • Coordinating activities between different people
  • Looking after the good of the whole, ensuring sustainability

When a leader knows how to do this to fit different people and contexts, then they have mastered the art of “moving people”.

Beyond The Models Of Old

Every few years a new leadership model becomes popular and takes social media by storm.

First it was authentic leadership, then transformational leadership, then servant leadership, visionary leadership, etc.

These models each capture a single, beautiful facet of the truth, but not the whole truth. There is strength in each leadership archetype and they widen our definition of “good leadership”.

However, taken together, they are hard to reconcile, organize and implement.

While each model has its time and place and deserves respect, the time has come to evolve beyond “leadership styles”. These numerous and disparate models create new challenges for us in three ways:

  1. Exacerbate Our Differences

    These models all boil down to stylistic differences. They rarely talk about what needs to get done or how it gets done.

    Humans are diverse. We all have our own unique styles – our own strengths and our own hindrances. We should celebrate this diversity rather than shoehorn everyone into a particular style.

    If a leader achieves their strategy and everyone consents and is respected in the process… does it really matter how they got there?

  2. One-Size-Fits-All Situations

    Dynamic environments require different solutions and different approaches.

    A master craftsperson doesn’t just use a saw to build a house. They use a saw to cut the lumber, a hammer for the nails, and a paintbrush for the finish. Using a saw to paint a house would be insanity.

    Using Visionary Leadership to maintain a humming business in status quo would likely not work. Using Servant Leadership or Laissez Faire Leadership during crisis would likely not work.

    Leaders must change their strategy depending on the situation. Don’t get stuck in a leadership model.

  3. Built By Academic, Not Experience

    These models are often academic theories. Sure, they sound good on paper. But reality is not the same as the “ivory tower”.

    When we get stuck in a concept, a mental map of how things “should be”, we miss how they actually are. Concepts keep us stuck in our mind. Where we fail to be a part of our reality.

    As if the world wasn’t complex enough, now we need to remember all 10 sub-scales to a model? How does one even remember how to do all these things day-to-day?

    Concepts make us feel safe, they make us feel like experts. But memorizing leadership model trivia does not make you a good leader.

The Model To End All Models

The 3Peak model for leadership is built different.

Our model goes beyond previous models to bring an end to the nonsense.

  1. Get Stuff Done

    The Master Leadership Model is all about execution. We want leaders to achieve their goals. Everything is in service or allowing leaders to get stuff done with surgical precision. Less mistakes, less trial-and-error.

    Know how to manage yourself, to read the room, and to organize people to get where you want to go.

  2. A Model Of Models

    The Master Leadership Model teaches adaptability. So, one day you can be a Servant Leader, the next day an Authoritarian Leader, and the next day an Ethical Leader. It all depends on what the situation is calling for.

    Our approach does not negate the other models. We respect then unify them.

    Learn what style fits the moment, learn how to deliver on it, and get the job done.

  3. No More Concepts

    The Master Leadership Model is for real world application. We value the return of experiential learning. No more textbook memorization, no more trivia quizzes.

Let’s stop making things so darn complicated and focus on what really matters.

  • Are you interested in knowing how to control yourself? Great!
  • Are you interested in getting the most from the world? Great!
  • Are you interested in moving from points A to B to C? Great!

Then the Master Leadership Model is for you.

Let us worry about the nerdy science and you can get back to what’s important.

Master the Self. Master the Situation. Master the Strategy.

Want to develop your people?

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